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The Hustle Never Sleeps

The Hustle Never Sleeps

Acrylic on canvas 
81 x 100cm


In the western world, our hustle involves late nights in the office, the lights in buildings looking like stars against the night sky. Across the river, in rural parts of the motherland, the hustle involves waking up when the sky is still dark to prepare the fruits/vegetables to sell in the market; sitting down for hours selling yams whilst the heat has sweat trickling down ones eyebrows.

Two different timezones, with one common motive: the hustle.

I created this painting because right now (Aug. 2021), I am in a space where hustling is my priority; I need to make quick money this summer to get me through the next year of uni. I decided to hustle via my art; and my plan at the beginning of summer was to create one painting a week and sell them all off like hot cake! 2 months and 2 substandard paintings later, I have learnt that painting just for money is demoralising and demotivating for me, and that being a full time artist is harder than being a medical student. 

  • Additional Info

    Giclee prints: A high quality photograph of the painting is printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper. Unframed. Signed by artist. 

    Purchasing a frame: Affordable, quality wooden frames for any of my prints can be purchased @  UK shipping only.


    Original painting:  Painting is to be posted to client via Royal Mail's Parcelforce Express. Shipping and packaging already included in cost of painting. Certificate of Authenticification will arrive with the painting. 


    Copyright and reproduction rights reserved to the artist.

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